Black Serpent Rising is finally back to digital streaming platforms!!!

2019-01-28 13:46:43

After the year of being out of the digital services, tons of emails and paperwork, Black Serpent is Rising again over the iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer and many more.
Many thanks to Distrokid for helping us out!
Since the album lost all its statistics and playlists placements we would be more than thankful to all of you for spreading the word and adding it to your own playlists.
Hail the Serpent!

Apple Music  |  Spotify  |  Deezer  |  Amazon Music  |  balfor digital

BALFOR announce new drummer

2018-10-23 11:15:39

Today we want to announce the addition of drummer Vithal to the band's ranks after Khaoth' leaving. Vithal has joined BALFOR as a permanent drummer and we are highly impressed with his drumming skills. Having played recent show together, we now strongly feel that he is that man we need behind the drum kit. We have no doubt that he will bring in some extra power to our live sound as well as new songs. He will be appearing on our upcoming album, which we are working now.


BALFOR part ways with drummer Khaoth

2018-10-22 11:12:08

We want to inform you that BALFOR have amicably parted ways with longtime drummer Khaoth. He leaved the band due to lack of time and decided to focus on his other projects. We respect his decision and want to thank him for all this years in the band and wish the best luck with his projects. Khaoth has been a drummer of the band for the last 5 years and has contributed much to overall sound of the latest records of the band. Replacement for Khaoth will be announced tomorrow.


BALFOR will perform at Hell Serpent Rising Over Kyiv: Act II

2017-11-09 11:22:02

Black Serpent will Rise again over the lands of Kyiv. February 10th 2018 BALFOR will hit the stage of Hell Serpent Rising Over Kyiv : Act II along with Hell:on, Natural Spirit, Colotyphus and others.
Spill the Blood and join the Mass!

Hell Serpent Rising Over Kyiv: Act II

Final line-up for Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2017 revealed

2017-11-03 11:16:32

This December BALFOR will perform at Eindhoven Metal Meeting in Netherlands. We will share the stage with Venom, Master's Hammer, Dark Tranquillity, Coroner, CARPATHIAN FOREST, Blasphemy, Cult Of Fire, Disharmonic Orchestra, DIABOLICAL, The Great Old Ones and many more. Share and support!


Eindhoven Metal Meeting

2017-05-04 11:35:35

With pleasure we're glad to inform you that BALFOR will bring the perfect fire to the glorious Eindhoven Metal Meeting this year on December 15th. Will share the arena together with such great acts as VENOM, CARPATHIAN FOREST, CORONER, Blasphemy and many more.
Rise Again!


Noc Besov Tour

2017-03-31 11:22:41

With the fall of Spring we invite you to watch the Black Serpents Rising over Slovakia, Poland and Moravia. We'd like to see all of you on the rituals we're going to perform together with our long term brothers in arms Raventale as well as VRANI VOLOSA and Degoryen in the temples which mentioned below.
05.05. Banska Bystrica - Rock Klub Tartaros (SK)
06.05. Presov - Amfiteater (SK)
07.05. Roznava - Rakwa Music Club (SK)
08.05. Brezno - Dart Club (SK)
10.05. Bielsko-Biala - Rudeboy Club (PL)
11.05. Dubnica nad Vahom - Pivaren (SK)
12.05. Wroclaw - Ciemna Strona Miasta Rock Club (PL)
13.05. Brno - Faval (CZ)

Noc Besov Tour

Dark Troll Festival

2017-03-28 09:10:32

On May 26 BALFOR will appear at Dark Troll Festival VIII, Bornstedt, Germany.

Dawn Of Savage - Official Music Video

2017-03-16 09:06:20

We are pleased to present you a new video for "Dawn Of Savage" song, based on live footage filmed during our recent release show in Kyiv.

New merch

2017-02-22 18:48:10

We are pleased to present a new T-Shirts for “Black Serpent Rising” exclusively designed by Nurgeslag, available in Man's, Girly and Long Sleeve format.
To order visit our merch store on BandCamp
Worldwide shipping

Man's Girly Long Sleeve

Release show

2017-01-26 21:09:57

25.02.2017 BALFOR will present a new album live in Kyiv

Hell Serpent Rising Over Kyiv


2017-01-15 07:47:05

Behold! It's time for Rising of the Black Serpent!!!
"Black Serpent Rising" is Out Now under Drakkar Productions!!!
Available on CD with 16 pages booklet with spot UV.
Order your CD here
Digital at BandCamp
We are drenched in moonlit skies; drowned in oceans, slaughtered by serpents

Black Serpent Rising

Black Serpent Rising streams now

2017-01-13 15:32:37

We are very excited to unveil you "Black Serpent Rising" album in full! Album is due out January 15th worldwide via Drakkar Productions.

Pre-order Black Serpent Rising

2016-12-27 21:15:32

From today you can pre-order digital copy of Black Serpent Rising via our BandCamp

Album Pre-order

Making of Serpents Of The Black Sun music video online

2016-12-23 09:01:21

Today we want to unveil behind the scenes footage from making of our music video "Serpents Of The Black Sun" made by George Lazurenko. Full moon, fire, blood and bones. What a great night, we will remember.
Many thanks to all people involved in the making!

Serpents Of The Black Sun - Official Music Video

2016-11-29 20:16:28

Music video for "Serpents Of The Black Sun" is finally out

Dark Troll Festival

2016-11-27 21:24:00

We are pleased to announce first festival date for the next year. BALFOR will perform at Darktroll Festival, Germany, which will take place from May 25th - 27th, 2017. Great to back to Germany and play on this fantastic festival..

Dark Troll Festival

New video soon...

2016-11-23 15:41:00

Song Premiere

2016-11-15 21:10:22

World song premiere!
Lyric video for the Crimson Stronghold

Exclusively available through these media:

Legacy Magazine (Germany)
No Clean Singing (USA)
Lords Of Metal (The Netherlands)
Horns Up (France)
KVLT Magazine (Poland)
Moshville Times (UK)
Friedhof Magazine (Spain)
UltraJe (Portugal)
L?ngol? Git?rok (Hungary)
Metalliluola (Finland)
Metal Roos (Australia)

"Black Serpent Rising" track-by-track trailer

2016-10-28 07:31:38

We are continue journey to realms of the "Black Serpent Rising". Check out new track-by-tack trailer.

Video Teaser for "Black Serpent Rising"

2016-10-18 11:24:40

We are pleased to present you a video trailer to “Black Serpent Rising”, a very first introduction to our new studio effort. Black Serpent is Rising…

'Black Serpent Rising' album release date and artwork revealed

2016-10-04 14:00:36

We are very excited to reveal the first details of our new album entitled 'Black Serpent Rising'. The cover artwork was created by a talented Ukrainian artist Nugeslag who was the talent and mastermind behind the cover artwork on the latest Rotting Christ albums. His work is unique and exquisite, and captures perfectly the whole concept of the album. A true piece of art! 'Black Serpent Rising' will be released January 15th via Drakkar Productions Album track listing contains 8 songs and looks like:
01. Serpents Of The Black Sun
02. Dawn Of Savage
03. Unbounded Wrath Of Venom
04. Heralds Of The Fall
05. Among The Fallen Ones
06. Wolfbreed
07. A Vulture’s Spell
08. Crimson Stronghold

More news to follow...

Balfor - Black Serpent Rising

BALFOR signed with Drakkar Productions. New album early in 2017

2016-09-26 00:00:35

After a long wait we can finally present the new label. BALFOR signed a worldwide deal with French Drakkar Productions. We're happy to be part of this legendary team and look forward to a fruitful cooperation. New album will be released in early 2017. More news to follow...


New guitarist Astaroth Merc

2015-11-24 21:30:47

We are welcome Astaroth Merc from Raventale and Deferum Sacrum . He was a live session member during 2014 and we have also worked together in the studio during recording of a new album. Now we are happy to have him as a permanent member of the band.

Gothoom Open Air Fest

2015-06-09 11:52:33

29th July 2015 BALFOR will perform at Gothoom Open Air Fest in Slovakia along with many great acts. See you there!

Balfor Finished recording and mixing of the new album

2015-05-26 09:14:32

We are finally finished with recording and mixing of our new album. Whole process took much more time then we planned, but the result sounds fucking awesome. All the songs are very epic, massive and atmospheric, that puts our music on a new level.

Album been recorded at More Music Studio and mixed in Blacklight Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Also the artwork is in the making, designed by the great Ukrainian artist Nurgeslag, already known by his work with Greek outfit Rotting Christ. Many thanks to all people involved in the making. We hope to share more details soon.

Kyiv Black Mass Festival

2015-01-26 13:41:44

26.04.2015 BALFOR will take a part in Kyiv Black Mass Festival in Kyiv, Ukraine.
We will share the stage with: Inferno (CZ), Besatt, Khors, Deferum Sacrum, Ulvegr Endlesshade.

Kyiv Black Mass Festival

Studio Updates - Vocal sessions done

2014-12-27 15:31:40

Clean vocal sessions done, next and final part of recording: arrangement stuff

Studio Updates - Keyboard sessions done

2014-12-20 14:00:33

Keyboards sessions done by Oleg Biblyi known as member of Suncrown band (ex-Viter, ex-Goverla, ex-Apostate).

Studio Updates - Harsh vocal sessions done

2014-12-17 13:59:13

First vocal sessions done! With a very special mic with S/n 8666 \m/
Next: keys, clean vocals and arrangements.

We welcome new guitarist Aldor & lead guitars sessions done

2014-10-22 22:38:34

As been announced early BALFOR parted ways with guitarist Warider, that been forced to quit the band due to pressure of day job.

Now we are glad to welcome a new guitarist Aldor (also Cantabile Wind). Aldor been already worked with us in the studio during recording solo guitars for a new album, that sounds fucking awesome! And we are looking forward for further work!


BALFOR parts ways with guitarist Warider

2014-09-17 22:32:42

Guitarist Walrider was forced to quit the band. Warider issued the following statement:

“I've been always had two professional passions. But now after changing a job I cannot continue with Balfor onto 100% as I would want and I don't want to be a ballast for the guys. I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of months and I’ve come to the sad conclusion that I have to leave the band as the guys deserves more.

I wish the BALFOR to find a new member and all the success with a new album”

We’d like to thank Warider for that time in the band.

At the moment BALFOR plays with a session guitarist Astaroth Merc well known as a mastermind of Raventale. We had already performed a few shows together and he’s also helped us in studio during recording of a new album that going to be finished soon.

Stay updated!

Studio Updates - Rhythm, lead and clean guitars sessions done

2014-08-25 10:44:27

Guitars recording sessions for the new BALFOR album are finally finished at More Music Studio in Kiev, Ukraine.

guitars recording sessions

Studio Updates - Bass guitar sessions done

2014-07-14 09:43:00

Bass recording session for the new BALFOR album finished at More Music Studio in Kiev, Ukraine.


Carpathian Alliance Festival

2014-07-10 09:37:52

Only two weeks left before Carpathian Alliance Metal Festival, one of the most landmark black metal event in Eastern Europe that situated right on the top of the mountain in mysterious Carpathians. BALFOR will share the stage along with Watain, Behemoth, Wardruna, Anaal Nathrakh, Impaled Nazarene, Taake, Finntroll, Belphegor, Trollfest, Tanzwut, Gods Tower and many more. Hope to see you guys there, it going to be a really especial show from us.

Carpathian Alliance

BALFOR at Metal Crowd Festival 2014

2014-06-25 13:19:25

Metal Crowd Fest

We are pleased to announce BALFOR confirmed for this year edition of Metal Crowd Festival in Rechitsa, Belarus. BALFOR will share the stage with Susperia, Hate, Thy Disease, Arkona, Raventale and many more.

Great to be back Belarus, see you guys there!

Studio Updates - Drums sessions done

2014-06-15 09:45:26

Drums recording session for the new BALFOR album finished at More Music Studio in Kiev, Ukraine.

Khaoth uses Paiste Cymbals exclusively


BALFOR enters the studio to record the album

2014-06-11 09:47:45

We are glad to announce this week BALFOR finally will enter the studio to start recording of a new album. We’ll try to inform you about all the process. All further details about the album will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

You can find a few preproduction tracks linked below:

BALFOR at Oskorei Pagan Music Festival 2013

2013-10-18 11:06:24

Oskorei Fest

Fimbulwinter is coming, feel the breath of Ragnarok. Armies of the dead are riding through thunderclouds on the wings of winter storm.

BALFOR will hunt in Kyiv, Ukraine at Oskorei Pagan Music Festival along with Gods Tower, Raventale, Natural Spirit, Reusmakt, Elderblood and Stryvigor.

This winter night we’ll perform many songs from our forthcoming album to satisfy blood hunger of ancient Gods of war.

Join the ride on 22nd December 2013 at Oskorei Pagan Music Festival

BALFOR confirmed for Carpathian Alliance Festival

2013-09-09 07:09:24

Carpathian Alliance Festival

We are pleased to announce BALFOR will perform on 25th July 2014 at Carpathian Alliance Festival, Ukraine. Which takes place right on the hill at the heart of majestic Carpathian Mountains.

It’s a huge honor for us to play at such symbolic place as Carpathians are, and we are going to make this show especial for all our fans there.

Bands confirmed so far: Taake, Trollfest, Preternatural and Tharaphita. More about Carpathian Alliance Festival you can find here:

Having recently announced two pre-production tracks from BALFOR’s sophomore full-length album “Heralds of the Fall” and “Wolfbreed” can be streamed here:

Thanks Poland, Lithuania and Belarus

2013-07-02 14:50:23

Finally back from our tour with KHORS. Had really enjoyed with a whole trip, met many cool people and lots of drinks with our fans. Thanks Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, it was fucking great to play for you guys, thanks for coming and supporting us.


Special thanks to the promoters, organizers, tech crew and our colleagues namely Eugeny Pylypenko, KHORS band mates (Helg, Jurgis, Khorus), Max Nabokov, Jotunhammer, Adrian Pelka, Klimoth & NON OPUS DEI, Daividas Kurlis & Kilkim ?aibu festival crew, Gytis Nenius and technical crew, Vladimir Deinega and The Flaming Arts Agency, Oleg Barozhinsky, Alexandra Fevra, Alexander Litvinsky, Viktor Lapitsky, Anton Prigornitsky.

See you next time guys! Stay fucking metal!

BALFOR Stream Pre-production Tracks

2013-05-22 07:00:57

Ukrainian Black Metallers BALFOR are streaming pre-production versions of two tracks as a demo of what is to come on the band’s sophomore full-length album. “Heralds of the Fall” and “Wolfbreed” were recorded in November 2012 at the Blacklight Studio, Ukraine, with long-time BALFOR producer Dmitry “Yrt Glormkhaoth” Shulgin (VERMIS MYSTERIIS) recording the bass guitars, whilst the band’s former guitarist Alexander “Agnarr” Takhmazov (CONQUEST) recorded lead guitars. Keyboards are by Ivan Popov (AFTERMOON, INFERNO). It is expected that BALFOR will enter the studio to record the full album in the autumn of this year. The two tracks can be heard on the band’s SoundCloud page at

Having recently announced a lineup change that saw all the former members aside from founder and frontman Thorgeir leave the band, BALFOR is set to play its first show with the new lineup of Thorgeir on vocals and guitars, Warider on guitars and backing vocals, Athamas (DEFERUM SACRUM and RAVENTALE) on bass and vocals and Khaoth (KHORS) on drums, on the 23rd June at the Kilkim Zaibu Festival in Lithuania along with bands like DESTRUCTION, TURISAS, EINHERJER and SOLSTAFIR. BALFOR will play a one hour set which will include old and new songs.

Kilkim Zaibu

BALFOR Announces New Line-Up

2013-05-12 08:00:40

BALFOR new line-up

Ukrainian Black Metallers BALFOR have announced a line up change that sees virtually the whole band depart, with only frontman and guitarist Thorgeir remaining. Commenting on the reason for such a drastic change, Thorgeir said: “We parted ways for a variety of reasons and we hadn't actually worked together for a very long time. This decision was not an easy one, but it was a necessary one that took into account the needs and interests of all the band members, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the guys for all this time we worked together, it was a great experience! But sometimes a change is necessary if you want to move forward”

With work having begun on the sophomore full-length album, BALFOR’s new line up, which consists of Thorgeir on vocals and guitars, Warider on guitars and backing vocals, Athamas on bass and vocals and Khaoth on drums, marks a new stage in the band’s development, one that Thorgeir is very positive about. “We have been rehearsing together since the beginning of the year, and I am now very sure that the new line up works just as well, if not better, than the previous incarnation of BALFOR, because new blood has brought a fresh perspective to the band’s music and a lot of enthusiasm. Warider, the new guitarist, is quite young, but hugely promising, whilst Khaoth has honed his considerable drumming skills with Dark Metallers KHORS. Athamas brings with him not only the experience he has gained with bands like DEFERUM SACRUM and RAVENTALE, but he is also a great vocalist, which is able to give an additional perspective to the BALFOR sound”.

Changes for the new horizons

2012-10-04 08:42:00

Anton Thorgeir Primak founder and frontman of Ukrainian Black Metal Band BALFOR announced finishing of cooperation with musicians Erland, Dooms and Dragon-T.

Thorgeir comments:

-“Our ways parted as a result of different circumstances, we haven't worked together for a very long time. This decision was not easy, but it was necessary and considers the interests of all band members. Sometimes changes are necessary if you want to bring a new horizon. I want to thank the guys for all this time we worked together, it was great!

Also I’d like to say for all our fans that BALFOR’s principles remain the same, I’m true to you and continue to work for you on a new album. See you soon and stay fucking metal!"


BALFOR To Emark On "Under The Colours Of Death" European Tour

2011-11-07 11:05:12

In December 2011 Ukrainian barbarians BALFOR will set off for the new march through the European lands along with Belgian black-death metal horde Emptiness. In the limits of the Under The Colours Of Death tour the bands will play more than 20 concerts in Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czechia, Hungary and Ukraine. The special guest is polish black metallers Christ Agony (3d - 5th of December) and Swiss melodic death-black metal band Stortregn (18th - 23d of December).


03.12.2011 Poland - Gdynia + Christ Agony, Emptiness
04.12.2011 Poland - Pozna? + Christ Agony, Emptiness
05.12.2011 Poland - Torun + Christ Agony, Emptiness
06.12.2011 Poland - Lodz + Emptiness
07.12.2011 Poland – Opole + Emptiness
08.12.2011 Czech Republic - Ostrava + Emptiness
10.12.2011 Germany - Hamburg + Emptiness
13.12.2011 Belgium - Liege + Emptiness
14.12.2011 Belgium - Brussels + Emptiness
15.12.2011 Belgium - Antwerpen + Emptiness
16.12.2011 Netherlands - Eindhoven - Eindhoven Metal Meeting + Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Katatonia, etc.
18.12.2011 Switzerland - Geneva + Stortregn
20.12.2011 Hungary - Debrecen + Stortregn
21.12.2011 Slovakia – Kosice + Stortregn

It was reported earlier that BALFOR will perform at legendary festival Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2011, which takes place from 16th till 17th in Eindhoven, Netherlands in the limits of the tour. The list of the bands confirmed their participation: Sepultura, Morbid Angel Exodus, Katatonia, Kataklysm, Destruction, Exodus, Heaven Shall Burn, Katatonia, Kataklysm, Destruction, Tryptikon, Asphyx, Marduk, God Dethroned, Tankard

BALFOR confirmed for Metal Heads' Mission Festival 2011

2011-05-18 10:08:19

We are glad to inform, that BALFOR will perform at the one of the biggest summer open air festivals of ex-USSR Metal Heads' Mission in the company of Vomitory, Кataklysm, etc. The festival will take place on 4th – 7th of August 2011 in Eupatoria, Crimea. This is the second performance of BALFOR at MHM after 2006.

MHM was the first big festival we performed at and now after 5 years having experience of playing at big European stages we are glad to back here again” comments the leader of the band Thorgeir (vocal, guitar)


BALFOR confirmed for Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2011

2011-05-17 09:42:18

We are glad to inform, that on 16th of November 2011 BALFOR will perform at the biggest European winter festival Eindhoven Metal Meeting in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Ukrainian barbarians will share the stage with monsters of metal from many countries. The bands that already confirmed their participation: Sepultura, Morbid Angel Exodus, Katatonia, Kataklysm, Destruction, Exodus, Heaven Shall Burn, Katatonia, Kataklysm, Destruction, Tryptikon, Asphyx, Marduk, God Dethroned, Tankard


BALFOR confimed for Dong Open Air 2011

2011-03-28 09:40:26

We are gald to inform that on 15th of July 2011 will perform at German festival Dong Open Air along with Iced Earth, Overkill, Dew-Scented, Evile, HateSphere and many other bands. D-O-A will be the first festival performance of the Ukrainian barbarians at the German lands, but not the first their concert in Germany. Earlier the German fans could see BALFOR on the Decimating Europe Tour 2010 along with brutal Brazilians Infested Blood.


"Barbaric Blood" out now!

2010-11-23 13:54:02

We are glad to inform that the long awaited album “Barbaric Blood” is published in the last days of 2010.

Barbaric Blood

Disc was published by Singaporean label Pulverised Records (Dissection, Watain, Whiplash, Facebreaker, Amon Amarth) with that BALFOR signed the contract in the end of 2009.

“Barbaric Blood” was recorded in summer 2009 in the Blacklight Studio, Kiev and was mixed and mastered by one of the best studio sound engineers of Ukraine - Shaddar (Semargl, Khors,Tol)

BALFOR for Decimating Europe Tour 2010

2010-08-01 20:06:09

On the threshold of publishing their new album ”Barbaric Blood” (2010, Pulverised Rec.) BALFOR sets off for European tour. The band will visit Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain and Netherlands. The tour that got the name Decimating Europe Tour 2010 consists of 18 performances and will take place from 09.09.10 till 03.10.10. Brothers-in-arms of BALFOR for this tour will be Brazilian brutallers Infested Blood.

"Barbaric Blood" cover artwork

2010-06-10 22:09:09

BALFOR proudly present the cover artwork and track listing of our album, entitled "Barbaric Blood". The "Barbaric Blood" artwork and layout was designed by Martin Saavedra at Uruguay's Spina Studio (ABORTED, DAATH, DIVINITY).

Barbaric Blood

It's always a long journey making an album. First it has to be written and rehearsed. Then it has to be recorded and mastered, and that's where most people think it ends. But it doesn't quite end there. An important factor that everyone forgets about is the artwork, and yet this is often what people notice first. So we are particularly pleased that the artwork for "Barbaric Blood" has been so well executed by Martin of Spina Studio. He has captured both the concept behind the album, and the band itself.

"Barbaric Blood" track listing:

01. From The Ashes (…The Beginning)
02. Behold My Hate!
03. Shadow Of My Raven Wings
04. In A Thunder Of Ancient Glory
05. Pure Barbaric
06. Light's Demise
07. Kingdom's Blood
08. Voices Of Wilderness
09. The Perfect Fire

"Barbaric Blood" was recorded at Blacklight Studio, Ukraine during August 2009, with the effort mixed and mastered by Shaddar.

An official street release date for "Barbaric Blood" will be announced soon.

BALFOR confirmed for Global East Rock Festival 2010

2010-06-07 15:02:10

We are glad to inform that BALFOR are confirmed as the participants of the one the biggest east-european festivals - GLOBAL EAST ROCK FESTIVAL 2010. On their own land they are honored to share the stage with such heavyweights as Dark Tranquillity, Moonspell, Oomph!, Obituary, HammerFall, Venom, The Gathering, Rotting Christ, Bonfire, Cemetery Of Scream, Cruachan, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Eluveitie, Haggard, Mayhem, Mnemic, Sabaton, Sirenia.

Festival will take place on 2d – 4th of September 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine.


BALFOR confirmed for RockMaraton Festival 2010

2010-04-10 12:43:27

BALFOR confirmed their performance at Rockmarathon Festival, (Pecs, Hungary) which takes place on 5th – 11th of July 2010. Ukrainian barbarians will share the stage with The Еxploited, Mayhem, Heaven Shall Burn, Death by Stereo, Ensiferum, Walls of Jericho, Primordial, Pro-pain, Rotting Christ and many others.


BALFOR signs with Pulverised Records

2009-10-27 08:06:52

We are very pleased to say that we have inked a deal with Pulverised Records for the release of our new full length album “Barbaric Blood”, which is due to appear during the first quarter of 2010. We are really excited to be working with a label with the reputation and experience of Pulverised Records for the release of our second full-length album "Barbaric Blood", and we are very much looking forward to our collaboration. As a band, we always gives 101% of ourselves in terms of commitment and this is what we will bring to Pulverised Records.

Pulverised Records A&R had this to say about working with us: “BALFOR is one of those bands that has pretty much the whole package; top-class musicianship and excellent song writing prowess that perfectly describes their brand of Darkened Black Metal. It is our pleasure to be working with BALFOR on their new album, so expect nothing short of killer head banging riffs blending together with the atmospheric feel that is so essential in Black Metal.”

Satyricon Tribute - Dominions Of Satyricon

2009-09-13 12:08:31

With the help of Empire 606 Records/YarProductions was published SATYRICON TRIBUTE - Dominions Of Satyricon in the beginning of this month for which we recorded cover of the song K.I.N.G. There are 12 cover of the Satyricon’s songs from the various periods of time on this tribute. You can get this release via Empire 606 Records catalogues

SATYRICON TRIBUTE - Dominions Of Satyricon

01. ASHEN LIGHT - The Dark Castle In The Deep Forest
02. DRAGOBRATH - Walk The Path Of Sorrow
03. HVANGUR - In The Mist By The Hills
04. GARDARIKA - Vikingland
05. GJALLARHORN - Woods To Eternity
06. DRAMA - Mother North
07. SELVMORD - Du Som Hater Gud
08. DIABOLICAL NORTH KLANUM - Repined Bastard Nation
09. REDRUM - Fuel For Hatred
10. REVOLT - Possessed
11. BALFOR - K.I.N.G
12. AEON 9 - Now, Diabolical




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